Lanart Business Server
Integrated server for small business

The work on LBS has 5 main directions:

  • Integration and configuration of various 3rd party services and creation of standard Slackware tgz packages of this software. For upgrade and installation we reccomend to use an excellent slapt-get tool. Packages are created with the help of script which was written specifically for this purpose and can be used to build from standard Slackware source packages.

  • Writig of new Web tools for easier server usage.

  • Writing of various scripts for automatic system checks, integration and maintanance.

  • Upgarding of installed software and testing.

  • Writing a user documentation

The upgrade process is a very time consumpting and can include some errors until we are able to recompile and reinstall all semi-automatically. Therefore, creating packages is the most challenging and the most important task that will allow LBS to utilize Slackware 10.2 or current release instead of Slackware 10.0 that is used today.

Any ideas/comments will be very appreciated.