Lanart Business Server
Integrated server for small business

This section is incomplite. I'll add details if I know that there is some interest to this work.

Basically the installation goes throu few simple steps:

  • Partition a disk

  • Restore from image the system partition, format swap and data partitions.

  • chroot, edit lilo and fstab and write mbr

  • Launch la_setup program which is the interface to most of a basic parameters such as networking options.

  • Control and edit (if needed) /etc/o_etc

  • Reboot the server

  • Open your browser and go to IP address of the server. Click on "Expert Zone" and launch phpLdapAdmin. If you change the domain and workgroup name it will also change Samba SID. You can see it with phpLdapAdmin. So in terminal write:

    # net setlocalsid SID

Where SID is SID of a default domain. This way you will have no problems with system users and users that were added before the name was changed.

  • From Expert Zone click on vQadmin and add email domain.

  • Control and edit files in /etc/qmail directory. Especially: me, rcpthosts, smtproutes and virtualdomains