Lanart Business Server
Integrated server for small business

What is it

Lanart Business Server (LBS) is an intranet server based on Slackware Linux distribution. It started like a standard Slackware installation and as time passes by it got more services integrated in it.

Today LBS comes with Samba, Hylafax, Qmail, MoinMoin etc. preinstalled and preconfigured.


From the begining it was clear that we don't want to use X-server and all configuration should be done remotely from SSH or Web interfaces, Hard Disks should be in Raid for better data protection, all configuration are as hardware independant as possible to be able to switch easily in case of hardware fail, user interface should be keeped as simple as possible so we don't need an expert to perform everyday tasks such as adding or deletind E-mail or Samba users.

What it is not

At the moment LBS is not an Enterprise Server and it is not for newbie also. You should know how Slackware works to be able to personalise LBS. It is possible that you will need to compile some packages yourself to keep them up to date. LBS is not (yet) a distribution. The only way to install it is to restore from image. Not all packages could be installed/upgraded through slapt-get.

Where to get more information

This site is the main place. Look in the Docs section for the information. Feel free to drop me an e-mail to lbs (at) lanart dot it. Any comments will be appreciated.