Lanart Business Server
Integrated server for small business


This is a bootable CD with ATA over Ethernet (AoE) target and initiator programs. It can be used as an AoE server or client. It is based on Slax Frodo Edition with some modifications needed to simplify use of AoE. ATA over Ethernet (AoE) is a network protocol designed for accessing ATA storage devices over Ethernet networks.



Boot from a CD. Login as root with password toor. Then you have three possibility:

  • You can export partition as

vblade 0 0 eth0 /dev/sda2
  • You can use vbladed, so the program will be daemonized and its output will be sent to the logger program:

vbladed 0 1 eth0 /dev/sda3
  • You can use vbladectl. vbladectl is written by me for lazy people:

vbladectl start sda4

This will launch vblade as: vblade 0 0 eth0 /dev/sda4. Logging will be done in /tmp/log.

If you want to change shelf just do:

export SHELF=2

The same valid for slot number, interface and logging place:

export SLOT=4
export IF=eth2
export LOG=/var/log

To stop exporting do:

vbladectl stop sda4

Now if you will start exporting again it will start with the same slot value.

To stop and remove link from /service directory (forgetting slot number):

vbladectl remove sda4

vbladectl will increment slot number automatically. You should not increment it yourself every time by exporting SLOT variable. If you removed exported disks and want to start from 0 again than remove file /var/run/vblademem

You also can pass multiple disks to the script:

vbladectl start "sda1 hda3 sda4"
vbladectl remove "sda1 hda3 sda4"

That's all. If you have some questions/suggestions write me to andrei (at) lanart dot it.